Monday, 14 May 2018

morphe - Copper Spice


Hello loves!
Being a Canadian, I despise online shopping due to the outrageous shipping charges. Morphe has always been one of those brands I just couldn't bring myself to order from. Before Christmas my mom and I were in a store called Showcase (selling TV/infomercial items) and low and behold I glanced over and there was a stand full of Morphe products! My lovely mother grabbed me the Copper Spice palette for Christmas and would you believe I'm just getting around to using it now?!

There are 25 shades in mattes and shimmers, the color scheme is a neutral lovers dream.
This is the perfect palette for those who work in an office environment and are looking for something simple and easy to wear. Upon application there is virtually no fall out and the mattes and shimmers are all pigmented and apply like a dream. I had no trouble blending these out, they blended smoothly together with minimal effort. They wore extremely well through my eight hour work day with no creasing. I think this might be the only palette I've used that hasn't creased within 8 hours and that was with a primer underneath. I'm curious to try these out with no primer to see if they work as well.
At $29.99 CAD for twenty five shadows, you can't go wrong. Well, unless you're a color lover...but for us neutral fans you will not be disappointed.

What's your favorite Morphe palette?

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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Covergirl Vitalist Elixir

Good morning loves!

The Healthy Vitalist Elixir Foundation is the newest release from Covergirl.
It claims to be a hydrating formula with buildable coverage. I purchased mine in the lightest shade (605 Ivory) which is still too dark for me and it does oxidize throughout the day on top of that, pale people beware.
I bought this because RawBeautyKristi raved about it and while I do like the finish I wish they would release more shades.
While it claims to be hydrating I'd say it's more of a natural matte finish, it doesn't completely suck the moisture out of your skin but it certainly doesn't leave you with that dewy glow either. It wore well everywhere except my nose. I cannot for the life of me find a foundation that doesn't break up on the nose so if anyone has any recommendations please leave a comment! It sits well on the top of the skin and can be built to full coverage if needed without looking too cakey.
I prefer a more dewy foundation for the summer but would certainly look into purchasing this again in the winter months.

What's your go-to foundation for summer?


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Monday, 7 May 2018

Favorite Book Series

Hello loves!

I have a different sort of post to share with you today. I wanted to share my favorite book series with you all, Harry Potter.
Harry Potter holds a special place in my heart. I've never loved another series quite as much as this.
My best friends and I have obsessed over Harry since the beginning right until the bittersweet end. 
We read all the books multiple times, went to the midnight movie premieres and even dressed up for a few of them. I can remember us sitting in the second half of the last film and just sobbing throughout the entire movie. Sad, because a special piece of our childhood was over. There were no other movies or books to look forward to. Yes, after a year or two Fantastic Beasts was released as well as Harry Potter: The Cursed Child but it just wasn't the same original magic that drew me in in the beginning. (that's not to say I didn't watch the other films or read the other books)
I'm planning to get a Harry Potter tattoo soon as it's something I always have and always will hold close to me. The books kept me up late at night as I couldn't be bothered to put them down and I cried hours worth of tears as J.K. Rowling proceeded to kill my favorite characters throughout different books. Don't worry no spoilers here for people who may not have read them yet.
If you haven't read them (have you been living under a rock?) and you're a fantasy lover I HIGHLY recommend you check them out. J.K. Rowling did a wonderful job weaving a magical world that will suck you right in and make you feel as if you yourself are right there beside the characters.

What's your favorite book and why?

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Friday, 4 May 2018

Instagram Round Up #9

Hello loves!

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 Another IG round up, please let me know if you guys like this type of post as I love giving you a little glimpse! (you really should follow me though)
{top left to bottom right}

My take on gothic makeup. I know how cliche of me to use black lipstick but come on? Does it not just scream goth?

Chanelling my inner grunge goddess. Can we please bring back the 90's makeup?

Dewy bronze eye look. (It looks like I was crying but I just have extremely watery eyes)
Me and my tiny little hair bun. Oh, the joys of thin hair.

Before and after photo.

Rainbow look inspired by @mmmmitchell. It looks absolutely nothing like the photo I was trying to recreate but I still ended up loving it.

Drop your instagram handles below.


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